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Cats and dogs bathing and grooming with Earthbath and Ark natural products.

Best Pet Nutrition, Inc. in Miami was born with the purpose of offering dogs and cats with the safest, highest quality foods and nutrition. We handle brands like Sojos, Party Animal, Tiki Cats and Dogs, Great Life and much, much more. Here at Best Pet Nutrition we select our brands by thoroughly reviewing the ingredients, we specialize in grain free foods, and choose our products based on their holistic & nutritional value. Many of our products have the fundamental ingredients for a holistic diet: fresh (never frozen) meat, nutritious organ meats, ground bone, fruits & vegetables. We want the absolute best for your pets and ours!

Additionally, Best Pet Nutrition takes care of all your pet grooming needs in Miami. We provide a full range of grooming services for your pet (small or large breed) that include warm bath with a natural shampoo and conditioner, relaxing massages, hair trimming, ear cleaning, nail clipping or filling, anal gland expressed, flea and tick treatment, teeth brushing, pawdicure, and natural perfume. We also provide boarding and walking services, stylish haircuts, and SPA Treatments for all breeds.  Our certified staff of professional groomers know exactly how to pamper your best friend. Our gentle touch and expert knowledge will put even the most fidgety pet at ease.

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We all undoubtedly love our pets, and one of the best ways we can show that is what we feed them, but it’s becoming clear that choosing only food because is tasty isn’t always the best for our pets. It has to be a combination of good taste and healthy nutrition. Like their owners, pets need to update their palates if they’re going to keep themselves lean, mean, and healthy. A healthy diet can promote good bone growth, a healthy heart and a nice, shiny coat. On the other hand, an unhealthy diet can result in lethargy, weak blood pressure, and even obesity. Clearly, it’s vital to choose the right menu for your pet.

Pet Grooming -Cats and Dogs - Small and large breeds

Pet grooming is an important part of pet care. This is not just for appearances, though a nice, shiny coat is an added plus. Pets that groom regularly have a decreased chance of health problems including thrushes and scratches. Grooming keeps ticks and fleas in check, and even gives the owner a chance to check for cuts, swelling, or other symptoms of sickness. When it comes to cleaning, as well, quality and quantity are needed, as most dogs are not truly clean until the second bath with shampoo. Nail trimming too, while also cosmetic, is important for the health of the dog, as nails that are allowed to grow out eventually curl up, and hurt the dog.

We offer grooming solution in the Miami area, and we provide our customers with the highest level of quality dog and cat grooming services as well as natural nutrition products

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